Powerful People

For being a humble potter,  I’ve met some extremely powerful people.  I’ve met CEOs, a couple of Governors,  a Senator, some Federal Judges, Mayors.  You get the picture.  If  the opportunity presents itself, I’ll try to gauge exactly how powerful they really are.  I’ll quietly ask  “can you fix a parking ticket?”  Without exception, every time, I am given a somewhat quizzical look and a patronizing chuckle and I hear, “No Tom.  I’m afraid you’re just going to have to pay it.”   Well I don’t have a parking ticket.  I’m just trying to figure out exactly how powerful these … Continue reading Powerful People

Painted Toenails

I have six grandchildren.Two of them granddaughters,  H….., age 7, and E….., age 5.  Full disclosure, I also have extremely ugly toenails on my right foot.  On a recent visit the girls were complaining about how ugly my toenails were and E….. said, ” we should paint them.”  They’re my granddaughters.  They can do whatever they want.  Before I could get  to the end of the sentence “Well, yeah, ok” they were sliding to a halt beside me with nail polish bottles in both hands, Rock, Paper, Scissors, to see who got to paint the worst one.   We’re back … Continue reading Painted Toenails

Let there be light

Anytime I’m teaching,  especially when I’m teaching children,  I ask a trick question.  And I tell everybody beforehand, “this is a trick question.”   I’ll take a magic marker out of my pocket,  hold it up and say “can you see this?”   Of course everyone nods or says yes.   I say no, you really can’t see this magic marker.   You can see light bouncing off of it, but you visually/actively,  at cannot  go to this object.   And I can prove it.   I hold up the magic marker again and say “if we came back here at … Continue reading Let there be light